Russ’s Rant

Example of MMS

Russell Beattie has blogged a rant about MMS. In a blog entitled “MMS still sucks” (get off the fence on this will you, Russ?) he writes about a failed MMS to someone on the same network, when both sender and recipients have Nokia’s.

It doesn’t arrive – quelle surprise!

The only damn justification MMS has for living is the “it just works” factor. You get a new MMS enabled camera phone and MMS works just as easily as SMS. If you take that out, then MMS just doesn’t make any sense: It’s not as quick and easy as SMS, it’s not as functional as email, and it’s not as instant as Chat. It’s a freakin’ mutant. It has no fallback: if MMS doesn’t just work, it’s completely useless. Email and Chat are worth struggling a bit with settings to get working, but MMS? There’s too much infrastructure you don’t control and too much magic behind the scenes. It either works or it’s garbage.


I couldn’t agree more. Though I’d add that the over-pricing adds insult to injury.

Sometimes, operators are excused their shite marketing as they focus on technology and infrastructure. But when that doesn’t work either….

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