3 Launch Music Video

Proving that there must be someone at 3 who knows what they’re doing, New Media Age highlights an article in The Mirror

Today’s Mirror reports that mobile network 3 has introduced full-length music videos that customers can play on their phones.

The mobile network has joined forces with record label BMG to launch their new ‘Video Jukebox’ service which will enable customers to choose from a selection of the latest and classic music videos to watch on their handsets.
BMG have provided access to full-length videos from their roster of artists including Outkast, Christina Aguilera, and Dido.

The videos will be available before singles are released, up to four to six weeks before singles appear in stores, while some videos will premier exclusively on 3, reports the paper.

Each video will cost £1.50 and will be available to stream or download to the handset.

Assuming The Mirror is right on this* it’s a great initiative for 3 – finally taking advantage of their uniqueness of being able to offer video downloads (as opposed to the insanity of focusing on video calls).

But, I also add:

1. Isn’t GBP 1.50 a little greedy fellas?

2. Why have 3 waited until now to do something sensible, with their competitors just about to launch?

3. When the hell are 3 going to offer email to their subscribers? That is the key to recruiting high APRU generating customers – the businessman.

4. I hope that downloading video is a lot quicker than it was when 3 launched. It wasn’t the downloading itself that was slow (actually it was fast). It was that every time you interacted with the server, there was a 12 second delay. It doesn’t sound very long but..

“I think I’ll watch me a 30 second video clip of last night’s goals in the United match.” Load browser (12 seconds), go to football site (12 seconds), chose match (12 seconds), hit download (12 seconds). Hmmm. Shite springs to mind.

5. Why oh why have BMG teamed up with the losers in the space – why not wait a few months for Vodafone or Orange? Or maybe it’s non-exclusive.

6. Is 3 called 3 as it’s just about to become the 3rd player in the UK market. And will they change their name to 5, after T-Mobile and O2 launch their 3G offering. Pass the cream, Mr Buckley.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this. The music video is the perfect sushi morsel for the mobile.

* The British tabloid isn’t known for being right all of the time. Its editor had to resign recently over faked photo’s of torture victims.

My favourite comment on British tabloids came from Jasper Carrott, a UK comedian. He said (of The Sun) “I always feel sorry for Sun readers as they can’t write in to complain.” It kind of backfired though when he alienated many of his Sun reading fans.

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