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Navigate the Streets

Navigate the Streets is the latest urban “wired meets meat space” game to emerge. While it’s possible to participate in this race/scavenger hunt without gagetry, using technology gives you a distinct edge. Race entrants are encouraged to use mobiles to help solve the clues – either by using WAP or by staying in touch with […]

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ItÌs Disgraceful

Bryan of SmartMobs blogs a nice piece on the Japanese Prime Minister admonishing MPÌs for texting in Parliamentary sessions. The national Asahi newspaper said Koizumi scolded 30 first-term lawmakers from his Liberal Democratic Party during a luncheon. “Don’t send e-mail on your cell phones or read comic books in Parliament while in session,” Koizumi was […]

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Urban Street Games

Hot on the heals of Pac Manhattan is the UKÌs answer to the challenge. Uncle Roy All Around You is part theatre, part console game and errr, let them tell you: Uncle Roy All Around You is where the console game breaks out onto the streets; a game that pitches Online Players around the world […]

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Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Mobile marketing is finally going mainstream Ò well, kind of. Trend Central reports that Nike Operation 6453 is took place last weekend. This on-foot scavenger hunt takes participants through the streets of New York to find 16 different poster locations. Those interested send a blank SMS to short code 6543 (NIKE) in order to receive […]

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Familiar Strangers

A fascinating story about a new Intel initiative in The Feature: based on the research of a brilliant Yale psychologist named Stanley Milgram, who died in 1984. One of the many remarkable ideas Milgram came up with was that of the “familiar stranger.” These are people that you see in public on a regular basis, […]

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