Cutting the Cord

ÏCutting the cordÓ, “Going Mobile” or “Mobilisation” is something weÌre going to hear a lot about in the next 5 years, I predict. Or words to that effect.

Increasingly, younger people in their 20Ìs donÌt bother getting landlines installed for their phones. They just stick to their mobiles. To this generation their phone number IS their mobile number Ò why do they need another?

Obviously, they still need an Internet connection, but thatÌs changing too. A broadband connection can be shared by quite a few households in urban areas (subject to their contract with their ISP) and with new technologies coming on stream (like Wi-Max), the reach of a wireless network is getting far greater.

So the mobile operators are going to start, sooner or later, to try to get us to cut the cord and go 100% mobile.

Just as the phrase Ïyou sound like a broken recordÓ has no meaning to anyone under 25, Ïhold the lineÓ is history.

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