About me

About me

email address: russell AT mobhappy DOT com

The short version is that I started the incredibly successful, AdMob, the mobile advertising network, in Europe as its Managing Director here, as well as being a widely read mobile industry blogger here at MobHappy. I’m also the Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association’s EMEA Board of Directors.

Here’s a slightly longer version, if you’re still with me…..

I started AdMob in Europe (I was actually the first employee in the world), which is really going from strength to strength. Currently, we’ve served over 27 billion ads in our first 30 months and advertisers have over 2.6 Billion pages of inventory available per month in 160 countries [NB this goes out of date so quickly, but it’s accurate as of May 2008].

AdMob is an advertising network that serves ads on our partners’ websites when they are viewed with a mobile phone. We run text-based, pay-per-click ads, as well as banners. If you have a mobile website, you could join the network and start generating revenues yourself.

What else? Well, one of my most high profile roles was Marketing Director of ZagMe, a start-up specialising in location based marketing, back in 2000. We recruited 85,000 users and ran 1,500 campaigns, so wrote the book on location based marketing. Well, the free white paper anyway, which I will happily send you if you ask me for a copy.

I’m also Chair of the Mobile Marketing Association for EMEA this year (2008/9) and look forward to helping the mobile marketing industry achieve its potential from within the industry’s premier organisation.

I live in Munich, mainly as the skiing are beer are better than London.

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